When 21 people are left for dead by their creators, they will do anything to get revenge... Anything.
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 Breaking Out ((No one))

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PostSubject: Breaking Out ((No one))   Sat Jul 17, 2010 10:36 pm

Renata perched on a metal bar that stuck out from the rest of her cell, her weight mostly on her toes, the bottom of her feet tensed. Her half-closed eyes stared down solemnly at the metal-plated floor, head bent. She hardly made a sound save for her soft breathing and the occasional chirp. She'd been in that miserable position for hours, not moving more than an inch on her bar for anything. Absentmindedly, she wished bitterly that she could've gotten at least a pair of wings so she could entertain herself with a little more success.

Sighing, she lifted her head slightly and turned minimally towards the sound of footsteps heading towards her cell. She lifted her hood-clad head completely and an odd, sadistic smile twisted her lips as she realized it was a guard that was walking in front of her cell. He strutted into her line of view and her eyes glinted mischeivously a throaty bird call erupting from her mouth. The guard stared and moved quickly on, sneezing as he did. Renata giggled and settled back into her perch once again.

As her eyes slid back down to the floor, they paused, staring intently at the metal bars in front of her. Her eyes widened and she tilted her head to the left, staring curiously at the simple things that kept her from the outside of her cell. She waited patiently for the sound of hurried footsteps to fade and eventually disappear. Straightening completely she jumped from her bar, landing quietly. Rushing forward, she stroked the bars gently, her keen eyes sliding up and down. She'd been here for too long, isolated in here by her creators, the ones that she loathed with a passion. The ones she could've sworn that cared for her and appreciated everything she'd done. So, what was she doing in here, still? What happened to her freedom? She should've been out there, out in the world.

Renata made a sound of malice, her eyes narrowing and she shook the bars insanely. She threw herself against them, screeching and banging her fists, making steady dents. Eventually her loud fit came to an end and she paced back and forth in her cell, muttering angrily. "I hate them...they left me here to rot...they promised.." Renata came to an abrupt stop and swallowed heavily, licking her lips. "They left me here...they told me I wasn't going to be treated like the others...they promised!" she struck the metal wall angrily.

Once again she paused, shaking in anger, cawing out in agitation, frustration. She needed to get control of herself again. She could've unwittingly gotten the attention of any guards nearby, so she needed to calm down and be quiet. Gritting her teeth she got herself under control, clenching her eyes shut. When they re-opened, that odd smile returned and a unnerving calmness came over her. Turning, she walked back to her bar and then paused as she realized two bars had come loose and if applied just a little more force, could come out completely. And that's exactly what she did. Shaking them firmly for a couple minutes they gave way and she smirked. Grabbing her wrapped bag of beetles, she stepped out and put the bars back the way they were before and walked down the hallways triumphantly. Finally, she was free. Now, to find the exit.


Renata stared at the door in front of her. Had she really found it? Or was it a trick? Licking her lips nervously, she crept forward and that odd, weirdly serene expression lit her face and without any doubt or a chance to rethink it, she burst through the door and found herself on actual ground and not cold metal plates. Chirping suddenly in surprise and euphoria, she took off quickly, not looking back and was glad to hear that no guards had come yet. She had absolutely no idea where she was going. But she kept running and after a while she stopped and climbed up a tree, and perched on a branch, breathing in the scent of the tree. Now, this was somewhere she should perch.
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Breaking Out ((No one))
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