When 21 people are left for dead by their creators, they will do anything to get revenge... Anything.
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 Dynamic Marvel

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PostSubject: Dynamic Marvel   Fri Jul 16, 2010 11:25 am

During the House of M events reality as was known was thrown into chaos. The Scarlet Witch created a new reality in which mutants prevailed, but destroyed it as easily as she had made it. Unknown to her and everyone else from her universe, in the wake of this, an entirely new reality had also been created, and while it was connected to the marvel universe as we know it, it was completely devoid of any familiar superheros and villains. Instead an entirely new set of super-beings were in existence, fighting for the balance of their reality.

Play a super-hero, villain or innocent civilian that was caught into the chaos, and battle it out against enemies such as the Skrull Empire, the Atlanteans... even different realities. The fate of your world, is in your hands... what side will you choose?

Dynamic Marvel

URL: http://dynamicmarvel.darkbb.com/forum.htm

Experiment 3

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Dynamic Marvel
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