When 21 people are left for dead by their creators, they will do anything to get revenge... Anything.
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 Rashmil (WIP)

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PostSubject: Rashmil (WIP)   Mon Jul 12, 2010 7:18 am

General Information

Name: 010 (Rashmil)
Nickname/Alias: Rashy
Age: two months.
Gender: Male
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 256

Looks and Appearance

Picture: Avy
Description: Rashmil's body is rather lean his fingers seem longer then most would be. His body is lined with needle holes as he was still one of the last to get done with testing. His hair is cut short at the moment but it is most of the time left to be shaggy. He could pull off as a Marine if he got the gear.
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Tone: White
Clothing: A white jump suit with the numbers 010 and the chains that held him down to the walls are still on his wrist.
Body Type: Some what buff.

Personality and Traits

Personality: Rashmil is some what cruel he doesnt care for the other numbers infact he hates them. They are dead weight. They seem to need each other, he doesnt. He loves to be alone but if someone gets real close to Rashmil which is hard, he would basicly give his arms and legs for them.
Likes: Quite, a good chase, and water.
Dislikes: Being annoyed, being poked, and being cut open.
Religion: None
Morality: Cruel
-Murderous: 7
-Law-Abiding: 1
-Violent: 7
-Protecting Others: Depends.
-Neatness: 5
-Truthfulness: 5
Catch Phrase: Fuck off

Residence and Skill Information

Residence: As of now his cell.
Occupation/Job: None
Position: Experiment
Animal: An Ant if possible if not black bear...
Specialties: As being part ant (or bear) Rashmil has nearly un parapled strenght. He easly over powers X or 002 in brute strength. Along with his exosecetene (or thick skin due to the black bear) he is rather hard to cut
Talents: (generally something like artistic or a musician)
Other Information: (anything else that has not been mentioned)
Experiment Number: 010

Techniques, Pets, and Items
Techniques: (special techniques that your character knows)
Name: (the name of your technique)
Requirements: (what does the technique require?)
Description: (the description of your technique)
Knowledge: (who all is allowed to know it? - everyone may know it unless it's very unique)

Background and RP Sample

History/Background: (completely summarize your character's life)
Family: (your character's family)
-Father: (the name of your father)
-Mother: (the name of your mother)
-Siblings: (the names of your siblings)
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RP Sample: (a detailed sample of how you Roleplay)
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Rashmil (WIP)
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