When 21 people are left for dead by their creators, they will do anything to get revenge... Anything.
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Welcome to 21 Experiments RPG! We hope that you have a great time RPing here. ^>^
Remember! Do not god-mod! You can't dodge every attack! This is directed mainly at Experiments. >.>

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 Kana [Experiment 007]

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Experiment Information
Number: 007
Animal: Fox

PostSubject: Kana [Experiment 007]   Sat Jul 10, 2010 10:04 am

General Information

Name: Experiment 007
Nickname/Alias: Kana
Age: 2 Weeks
Gender: Female
Height: 4'0"
Weight: 39 lbs.

Looks and Appearance


Description: Kana appears to look like a small, seven year old girl. She has long, light brown hair that reaches a little lower than the middle of her back. As the DNA of a fox was fused into her body, she has large fox ears. She wears a short, light blue sundress. She has a tattoo of “007” on the back of her neck.
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Deep, Royal Blue
Skin Tone: Very pale, with cheeks that are always rosy.
Clothing: Kana wears a small, blue dress with a little bit of white lace. She does not wear socks or shoes of any kind. She is always barefoot.
Body Type: Kana has the appearance of a small seven year old. She is petite and skinny.

Personality and Traits

Personality: Kana is very shy, mostly keeping to herself. She’s more of a listener than a speaker, so she doesn’t talk much. She is very blunt, often saying things people don’t really want to hear, but are still true. She is very determined, and when she sets her mind on something, she’ll never give up. Her appearance matches her personality, meaning she is as childish as she appears (she looks like a seven year old child). She is normally sweet and kind, but every once and a while, something will be said that will send her into a murderous rage. While in this rage, she is impossible to control, and she will destroy every thing around her. The only way to snap her out of it is by the sense of touch. But since no one wants to be near her during her rages, this can be hard to stop.
Likes: Animals, having her hair brushed, nighttime, the stars.
Dislikes: Socks, loud noises, bright lights, needles, being alone, being ignored.
Religion: No.
Morality: Neutral (when in rade: Sadistic)
-Murderous: 2 (when in rage: 10)
-Law-Abiding: 4
-Violent: 3 (when in rage: 10)
-Protecting Others: 8 (when in rage: 0)
-Neatness: 4
-Truthfulness: (10
Catch Phrase: She tends to end her sentences with “Auu~” a lot.

Residence and Skill Information

Residence: The Government Research Facility
Occupation/Job: N/A
Position: Experiment
Animal: Fox
Specialties: Kana has enhanced senses (smell, sight, hearing, taste, touch), endurance, and strength. (She does not look very strong, as she has the body of a seven year old, but she is very powerful.)
Talents: Kana loves to sing. She has a sweet-sounding, childish voice.
Other Information: Kana has the ability to heal others, but not herself. Healing others takes away some of her own strength though, so she must rest after healing major injuries.
Experiment Number: 007

Background and RP Sample

History/Background: Kana was created in the Government Research Facility two weeks ago. The mixed her human DNA with the DNA of a fox. Because of this, Kana’s endurance, strength and senses are heightened.
Unlike most of the other experiments, Kana was very docile, and had yet to attack any of the guards and researchers. Because of this she had been given special treatment, such as an extra meal a day.
Four days ago, Kana experienced her first violent rage, when one of the guards commented on how tiny she was, and how she couldn’t be strong. Kana’s rage was set off, and she decapitated the guard in a split second. After this, Kana’s privileges were taken away, and she was deemed instable.

Family: (your character's family)
-Father: UNKNOWN
-Mother: UNKNOWN
-Siblings: UNKNOWN
RP Sample: [from another RP forum]

Pacing the room, Kana wondered whether she was making the right decision or not. She couldn’t stand being a prisoner in her own home, but she didn’t want to leave her mother defenseless. Kana’s bright blue eyes found the mirror hanging on the wall.

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall…” She muttered darkly, shooting the mirror a dirty look.

Staring at her reflection, she thought about what she was about to do. Right or wrong, she couldn’t stay locked up any longer. She wondered how her mother would react, upon waking and finding her child’s bed empty, a goodbye note on the pillow.

She shook her head. No, she wouldn’t think about that. She smiled despite herself. Running away… only rebels ran away.

“Am I a rebel now?” She whispered to herself, still looking at her reflection. After a minute of this, she decided she wasn’t a rebel. She was just a regular twelve year old girl, tired of hiding who she was. Well… not normal. Normal kids weren’t light benders living in the Dark Nation, not being allowed to bend for fear of their life. No, that definitely wasn’t normal.

It was normal for Kana though. And who’s to say what’s normal, anyways? She asked herself.

Tearing her gaze away from the mirror, she walked quietly over to her bedroom window. Luckily, her bedroom was on the bottom floor. Opening the window, she hoisted herself onto the ledge.

Taking one last look into her room, she jumped over the edge and into the cool night.

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PostSubject: Re: Kana [Experiment 007]   Sat Jul 10, 2010 12:14 pm

You can't have increased everything. o.O It's either leaning towards strength and endurance or speed and agility, can't really have both.

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Experiment Information
Number: 007
Animal: Fox

PostSubject: Re: Kana [Experiment 007]   Sat Jul 10, 2010 5:15 pm

001 wrote:
You can't have increased everything. o.O It's either leaning towards strength and endurance or speed and agility, can't really have both.

Alright, I fixed it so its just senses, strenth and endurance.
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Experiment Information
Number: X
Animal: Vampire Bat

PostSubject: Re: Kana [Experiment 007]   Sat Jul 10, 2010 6:33 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Kana [Experiment 007]   

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Kana [Experiment 007]
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