When 21 people are left for dead by their creators, they will do anything to get revenge... Anything.
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 Bio of Experiment 3 -- Seraphim

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Experiment Information
Number: 0003
Animal: Feline

PostSubject: Bio of Experiment 3 -- Seraphim   Fri Jul 09, 2010 11:30 pm

General Information

Name: Experiment 3
Nickname/Alias: Seraphim
Age: About 1 month (appears in her late teens)
Gender: Female
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 125 lbs
Rank: Master

Looks and Appearance

Description: Experiment 3's human DNA was from a japanese/swedish mix. She has pale skin that burns easily in sunlight, and large, deep brown eyes. Her hair is fluffy and curls, falling to her waist, and is often pilled on top of her head or knotted up. She stands slightly above the average for a female, and is rather skinny, though her body is padded with modest curves and muscles. She has a heart shaped face with a curved nose, high cheek-bones and rosebud shaped lips. She has scars, mainly from surgeries and testings, littered around her body (mainly on her torso and legs) and many tattoos; the number 3 tattooed on the back of her left thigh, a fallen rose on the back of her neck, a cat paw print on each of her shoulders, the japanese kanji for light on the back of her right shoulderblade, and a crossed out barcode tattoo on her inner left arm, right below her elbow. She also has many piercings; several on each ear, a nose ring and a bellybutton ring.
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Tone: Pale
Clothing: She favors modern-victorian style and steampunk clothing. She often wears a pettycoat style skirt, most of the time changed from the usual floor-length to the style of a miniskirt, and some variety of stockings. She likes tops with no shoulders (to show off her tatoos) and often favors those with high necks. Many of her articles of clothing have lace or fishnet involved in them and are mostly in black or red.
Body Type: Slim, with modest curves and muscles.

Personality and Traits

Personality: Seraphim has been discribed as a bit of a loose cannon, often doing things based on an impulse or whim and quickly changing in moods. However she is naturally very optimistic and an idealist, however most of that has been shoveled deep into her psyche by the ages of testing she underwent. She is fiercely protective of her friends and of anything she views as innocent (children, animals, etc.). She is often inclined to give people second chances, but she rarely follows that instinct, preferring to not appear weak. She often surpresses darker emotions, keeping her misery and rage deep down inside of her, and not making it obvious when she is under emotional stress. Unfortunately this means that when she is pushed over the edge she often breaks down, something she detests.

She has often been whispered about and said she was insane due to the consciousness of her feline DNA mixing with her humans. This causes her personality to change based on mood, and often she talks with the other psyches in her head. There are several, 1 for each of the race of cat she was breed with. The most primary are the cougar, the tiger, the housecat and the lion.
Likes: Children, animals, pomegranates, music
Dislikes: Un-tuned instruments, fungus, enclosed spaces, helplessness
Religion: Serpahim identifies herself as an 'eclectic wiccan', believing in their idea of things, but more loosly then most. She views most of the wiccan beliefs as symbols of universal energy.
Morality: Chaotic Good
-Murderous: 3
-Law-Abiding: 2
-Violent: 5
-Protecting Others: 10
-Neatness: 4
-Truthfulness: 5
Catch Phrase: "Blue skies..."

Residence and Skill Information

Residence: Seraphim is currently in the government testing facility.
Occupation/Job: N/A
Position: Experiment
Animal: Seraphim was crossbred with a cat, and due to this has abilities similar to a felines.
Specialties: Music, martial arts and archery. She has extremely enhanced strength, agility, endurance, resistance to injury, senses and to a certain extent, speed. Examples of the extent of her enhancements: can punch through wood, rock and cement (depending on depth), can run at about half-speed of a cheetah (the faster she runs, the less she can keep it up), can jump and move so smoothly that she can dodge most attacks (including thrown weapons), can fight for more then twice as long as the fittest human.
Talents: Seraphim is a talented musician, being able to play the violin, harpsicord, piano, bass and sing exceptionally well. She can pick up instrumental skills with ease. However while she is extremely talented in music, she has trouble with practical application of mathematics and other things of that ilk.
Other Information: Seraphim is a skilled martial artist, having mastered Wing Chun kung fu, Wu Shu kung fu and tessenjutsu and knowing many others. She can also use staffs, knives and a bow and arrow well in a fight (also use of a gun, due to her enhanced hand-eye-coordination). Due to her cat DNA she is extremely agile and can leap greater distances then the average human. She has enhanced strength in addition to her agility and can climb and balance with abnormal skill. She can see in the dark, move silently and resist attacks like a cat. Her eyes have a feline shape to them, as do her teeth and nails, and she experiences feline hormones as well as humans. She also possess' other normal catlike qualities, such as enhanced sight, hearing, smell, etc.
Experiment Number: 3

Techniques, Pets, and Items

Unique Items: (items that your character uses besides basic items)
Name: Violin
Type: Instrument
-Sub_Type: Strings

Seraphim's violin resembles a typical violin, however there is a small paw print carved in the lower right corner, in the back of it. She has tied a piece of ribbon around the top carving, and two bells hang from it.
Material: Rosewood
Description: Typical violin.
Forms of Use: Making music.

Background and RP Sample

History/Background: Seraphim was born in the government facility approximately one month ago. A combo of human and feline DNA her body was formed fully adult. She was tested constantly, but despite her constant fear she befriended a guard who introduced her to music. She took refuge in music, often writing new pieces and practicing whenever she could. However when all of the other experiments started dying off, she lashed out at several of the guards when they came to collect her once, and put her in isolation. There she stayed for several weeks and she came out a wild, angry woman. She continued her music, but she was also trying to find ways to escape from the hell they called the testing facility.
-Father: N/A
-Mother: N/A
-Siblings: N/A
-Other: N/A
RP Sample: (OOC: From a Bleach RPG I once did)

-- Yumiko stalked down the streets of Tokyo, a sulky expression on her face. She had a bag over one shoulder and a bun in her other hand and was eating it at high speeds as she moved slowly through the crowd. Her bright red hair drew a little attention as she moved into the side streets, and once there she sank down against a building, finishing off the bun. She let her eyes drift closed as she rubbed her sore arm. She had just fought another hollow and had been forced to spend what precious little money she had left on breakfast to replenish her strenght. She grimaced as she thought of her dwindling amount of cash and she remembered bitterly the dotcom crash that lost her her small fortune. She had invested a lot of money in various stocks in America after she left the soul society, but then it had all gone down the drain. She barely had enough to get a plane ticket back to Japan where she lived. Right now she was squatting in an abandoned building and was reminded of how much she hated the stock exchange every time she turned on her ice cold shower.

'I remember when I was a soul reaper... and was paid for cleansing hollows,' she thought miserably. Getting kicked out was one of the stupidest things she had ever done... even if it hadn't been her fault. She dusted her hands off and stood back up, starting to walk back towards the apartment. Then she heard a crash and the unmistakable cry of a hollow came from back towards the financial district. She moaned and turned back towards where she had come from before setting off at a quick trot. 'No rest for the wicked,' she thought with grim good humor, indulging in a chuckle before her expression grew sour, seeing the enormous hollow. "It's clobbering time..." she muttered sarcastically, as she stepped out of her body.

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Experiment Information
Number: X
Animal: Vampire Bat

PostSubject: Re: Bio of Experiment 3 -- Seraphim   Fri Jul 09, 2010 11:32 pm

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Bio of Experiment 3 -- Seraphim
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