When 21 people are left for dead by their creators, they will do anything to get revenge... Anything.
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Welcome to 21 Experiments RPG! We hope that you have a great time RPing here. ^>^
Remember! Do not god-mod! You can't dodge every attack! This is directed mainly at Experiments. >.>

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PostSubject: Taski    Fri Jul 09, 2010 11:08 pm

General Information

Name: Taski B Hakatoshi
Nickname/Alias: Blade
Age: Cloned 1 month
Height: 6"8
Weight: 150lbs

Looks and Appearance

Picture: http://fc05.deviantart.net/fs45/f/2009/079/8/a/VastoLord_Ichigo_by_BlueDemon13.jpg
Description: Blade is a very odd man, he was born with very white skin. Blade wears a odd looking mask, a very white mask with sharp teeth and sharp horns. When Blade was young he had a friend who he faced in a small spar which lead to a giant problem. The young friend had shot fire right at Blade's face causing the mask to fuse with Blade's face. Blade has lived as a rebel in secret, Blade has no choice but to hide. Blade has be prosecuted by the public for his white skin, his odd mask. Pulling the mask out is impossible.Blade wears black baggy pants with a ripped black shirt, you can't really see it anymore. Blade has long orange hair, he doesn't mind the hair that much.Blade calls his problems a curse. Blade has been called a demon several time, many occasions people would try to throw ashes on him and chant "Demon be gone." Blade got pissed off and just left the nation.Blade was captured and mutated to a half man half bull.
Hair Color: Orange
Eye Color: red
Skin Tone: White
Clothing: Ripped Black pants.
Body Type: Buff

Personality and Traits

Personality: Blade has a very cool personality, he doesn't really start fights. Blade just wants to spend time with the humans, but due to his looks thats would be impossible. The people never give Blade time to explain, they just run and cry for help .Blade doesn't really care, Blade just ignores the fact he is a monster. Blade was taught to forgive and forget, but what his friend did to him is forgivable but not forgettable. Blade likes to make friends but his friend don't really care for him as much, Blade hopes in his time he would make different friends. Blade is not much of a bad guy, he is a very great guy to talk too .Blade is not really a bender. Blade barely has any emotions after the accident, the only emotion Blade would let out is sorrow or just nothing. Blade was born in a very bad community, he was treated like a piece of dirt. Blade was a loner, due to his parents death he would use to weep about it. Blade had 2 friend that use to make him feel better.

Likes: Talking, Running, free running, working out, dancing.

Dislikes: Yelling, getting mad, fire, racist people.

General Traits: Blade's General Traits hast to be art, he was a very good artist before his accident, he would paint very big paintings in his time. Blade started to draw after the day his parents died, Blade would draw the one who killed them or the dagger that was used. Blade is the only one in his family that could draw, Blade loves to dance and act. I guess Blade likes all arts. Blade studies martial arts before to, he use to have alot of time too. Blade's uncle was a critic, he trained Blade to be the perfect warrior. Blade would go with his uncle and come home stressed. After the accident Blade's uncle disowned him.

Religion: None
Morality: Neutral
-Murderous: 5
-Law-Abiding: 5
-Violent: 5
-Protecting Others: 10
-Neatness: 5
-Truthfulness: 10
Catch Phrase: A mind of a warrior, but with a look of a monster.

Residence and Skill Information

Residence: Facilities.
Occupation/Job: (if any. Of course this is optional)
Position: Experiment
Animal: Bull
Specialties: Swordsman ship
Talents: Fast runner
Other Information: Idk ask yourself, is there anything missing?
Experiment Number: 2

Background and RP Sample

History/Background:Blade was cloned 1 month ago as he was mixed with a bull. Blade lived in fear of death inside the facilities. Blade was tested on alot of times, he was 1 of the first few test subjects that was turned into the monster. Their are 21 other creatures like him, Blade was put in cell #14. The cell had steels walls that would keep any one inside contained. Blade has enhanced speed and super strength. The hand cuffs on Blade are thick but it won't hold for ever.Blade also has the ability to charge with all his might.

RP Sample: Blade was a normal Ex Captain of the 6th Division, Blade walked into the gate going back to the Serentei. Blade then arrived in the Serentei just to see a retard standing in the air shooting Ceros everywhere. Blade didn't understand how the man can shoot so much Cero's at once without damaging his arm, Blade smirked as he Shunpo to the 4th division head quarters and grabbed the Cero. Blade smirked as he said "Seal Release.." A bright light surrounded Blade's body as 5 people jumped out from that light and each of them blocked the Cero.Blade haven't been here in so long, a slight smirked was on his face as he looked down at the Shinigami."Is that right? That man is wearing a Captains Robe, Well a ripped one." said A unseated officer. "Espada?" said Blade in a dreadful and dead tone of voice.Blade then looked up slowly as he said "You have came here a terrorized this region of the soul society with no official orders from your Master Grimmjow , You could have killed thousands of people with that Cero, The Captains were all in the meeting for the new Captain Commander." said Blade as he pulled out his Zanpaktou. "Seal Me Raikuni." said Blade as all his Clones fused with him again. Blade then said "The shadows are opening, now Raikuni prove to them that the light will turn black.." Blade's Zanpaktou had a weird looking demonic shape on it. "You are a Naive bastard." said Blade. "Shadow Grasp....." said Blade in a dark voice as a big Shadow formed on Blade's Back as he smirked, "I will make this nice and hard." said Blade as a big Shadow formed a Fist and flew at the Enemy slowly with great force. The Enemy most likely didn't know that Blade was Talking to him due to the fact he barely raised his voice, even if he did this would be fun to watch. Blade then smiled as the shadow flew at the enemy, Blade suddenly released his Seal again as 5 clones jumped out a ran towards the Enemy. Blade stood back behind the Clones in a safe distance. Blade got ready holding his Zanpaktou out as he waited with a serious face. "I better end this quick, i can't fight in the Serentei or i will be imprisoned." said Blade as he relaxed his Zanpaktou on his shoulder. "My clones can Shunpo..." said Blade as all of his Clones shunpo'd behind the enemy each of them pulling out a Zanpaktou. Blade then smirked as the Clones each surrounded the enemy,after a nice look at the enemy all the clones went in at the same time, the clones pointed there sword horizontally and each of them tried to stab the Espada at the same time. Blade wasn't happy right now, he was more pissed off then happy.Even though the Serentei tried to have him killed, Blade has enough pride to protect it, It wasn't out of fear but out of love. Just because 1 person tried to get Blade crucified/executed doesn't mean that Blade has to blame them all, Blade smirked as he raised up a finger "You have a special power i should know about?" asked Blade.
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PostSubject: Re: Taski    Sat Jul 10, 2010 10:03 pm

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