When 21 people are left for dead by their creators, they will do anything to get revenge... Anything.
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Welcome to 21 Experiments RPG! We hope that you have a great time RPing here. ^>^
Remember! Do not god-mod! You can't dodge every attack! This is directed mainly at Experiments. >.>

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 Kanade #4

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PostSubject: Kanade #4   Fri Jul 09, 2010 5:26 pm

General Information

Name: Kanade
Nickname/Alias: The Bear
Age: Month and a half
Gender: Female
Height: 4'5"
Weight: 120

Looks and Appearance

Picture: See Avatar
Description: Short and foul tempered. Kanade is a cross between a Wolverine and human. She has Yellow Gold eyes, and pale skin. Her hair is white and long, and she wears a black medical gown, in the facility. The gown has long sleeves and hides her hands, which can grow enourmous razor like claws, that she uses to dig and shred. She has sharp teeth, and rarely smiles. She also doesn't have shoes.
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Goldish Yellow
Skin Tone: Pale
Clothing: See Descript
Body Type: Slender and Short.

Personality and Traits

Personality: Foul tempered and violent. Kanade is very defensive and loves to take down things bigger then herself. She does not like Humans. She also hates veggies and loves meat. Her sense of smell is like a dogs, and her sight is strong too. Her hearing isn't so great. She loves drawing, and digging.
Likes: Meat, drawing, digging, fighting, and art.
Dislikes: Humans. People think they can push her around because they're bigger.
Religion: No
Morality: Neutral Evil
-Murderous: 9
-Law-Abiding: 3
-Violent: 10
-Protecting Others: 5
-Neatness: 1
-Truthfulness: 6
Catch Phrase: "How about I bring you to my level..."

Residence and Skill Information

Residence: A cell currently.
Occupation/Job: None
Position: Experiment
Animal: Wolverine
Specialties: Not really
Talents: Drawing
Other Information: No.
Experiment Number: 4


Background and RP Sample

History/Background: Kanade was created in the Facility... When she first gained self aware conciousness, she had a instant disliking of humans. When she first spoke it was about how much humans smelled awful! She would constantly fight with the scientists and guards to be alone in her cell, and not bothered. Only a few times did it result if fatal woulnds. She has had to move cells a few times due to destroyed retraints or torn apart walls or floor fixtures. She is now in a high security part of the facility in a metal room... restrained and furious.
Family: none
-Father: none
-Mother: none
-Siblings: No
-Other: None
RP Sample: The metal doors slid apart, Kanade felt her restraints tighten, and the foul stench of humans fill her noes. "Number four... How are we feeling today?" The scientist asked, holding a clipboard and pen. Kanade was sitting against the wall, the restraints keeping her from lunging the man and ripping out his internal organs.

"I'm feeling fine. Come closer and let me show you... how fine I'm doing..." She growled staring at the scientist with hate filled eyes. The man walked over to the steel table in her room, and picked up a drawing Kanade had made... It was of a fantasy created world of what the outside looked like... so different from what it actually did. "Put that down!" Kanade pulled against her restraints, and suddenly felt a heavy force yank her back into the wall, tighter then before.

"What this? This is for psycological evaluations Number four... You know as well as I do, this is good progress... however your anger is still to much. Do you need better medications? I'll talk to the doctors." He turned on his heel and approached Kanade, then looked her over. "Please show me your teeth..." He asked calmly.

"You reek of fear... You filthy monster!" Kanade roared, her teeth were sharp and clean, pointed rows of flesh shredding teeth.

"Excellent. Your dinner will be here shortly. Until then try to behave... You're making progress number four... progress is good." He turned to leave as a small metallic whine began to squeak from the restraints and wall.

"I'm going to tear you apart!" Kanade muttered pulling hard as she could against the restraints, they squeaked loudly in protest. The man simple turned his head and laughed a bit then left the room. As the doors closed once again, she heard him say: "Don't bother with the restraints... Bring her the food... we'll observe her through the cameras from now on..."
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PostSubject: Re: Kanade #4   Fri Jul 09, 2010 5:29 pm

Approved. ^.^

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Kanade #4
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