When 21 people are left for dead by their creators, they will do anything to get revenge... Anything.
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Welcome to 21 Experiments RPG! We hope that you have a great time RPing here. ^>^
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Experiment Information
Number: X
Animal: Vampire Bat

PostSubject: Plotline   Fri Jul 09, 2010 9:51 am

For years mankind has had the idea of genetically enhanced human beings. You would read about them in books, or watch movies about them (X-Men is a popular one that comes to mind.) However, what would happen if man began to explore the possibility even further? What is mankind began to make genetically enhanced humans.

That’s just what the USA Government began to so 2 years ago. Operating secretly, the Government began running tests on a Vampire Bat, the Government began getting a good idea of what would happen to humans.

1 Year ago, the Government took the DNA of a genetically enhanced Vampire Bat and cloned it to make a human being. They called this human, The Experiment. However, The Experiment became unstable and violent, and they were forced to lock The Experiment up, changing it’s name to Experiment X.

Fortunently for the Government, Experiment X provided them with a beta for the Enhanced humans. Using Experiment X as an example, the Government kept researching their idea. And 11 months later, 1 month ago, the Government created 1000 more Genetically Enhanced humans, and numbered them 1-1000. Unfortunantely, the DNA was unstable on most of them, and all but 20 of them died.

However, since once 570 of the 980 dead Experiments died within 1 week, the Government gave up on the 20 remaining ones (21 if you count X) and left them to die in their research facility.

But who says that the Experiments wouldn’t retaliate? Led by the most powerful and most stable Experiment, Experiment 2, the Experiments began plotting their dark revenge on the Government. This included finding Experiment X.

But is there a relationship between Experiment X and Experiment 1? But who knows anything when you’re a Government Lab Rat?
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